Authors & artists. Learning Character through Writing By Oriie Flem REVIEW

Ok, I Posted this last week, but something happened between the typing and the actual posting. Now I’m trying to do this through my phone, which is quite sassy, mind you, so bear with me during my review of this fabulous product!!

This is a book of 224 pages for your child to write in. First of all, let me suggest you get one for each child. You’ll be as amazed as I am!! This is the perfect size if you need to take it and use it on the go. I feel like its on between a diary, a Bible study, and a writing lesson all wrapped up in one. There are even different themes so you can jump around If you are trying to make a point or teach your children something in general.

An example of one of the lessons. She talks about humbleness. “God says humble people get wealth, honor, & life. Wow! Write about wealth, honor, & life. Are those things that all of us would like to have? (Proverbs 22:4)”

I think that this really can be used for any age as a supplement to help you to bring together different things you maybe teaching your kids in school or in your home.


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