Attention All Moms!!!

October 24, 2012 4dputts

This will be available November 1st at this link

Wow! The one word to describe this!! These audio sessions have been a huge help & encouragement yo me. As a mom, I know how hard life can be. Especially when you homeschool, you have a sick cat, you’re planning an upcoming retreat that seems to be going awry, you’re a wife, etc, etc, etc. Yes, this is my week. I have been reminded that the devil seeks to kill & destroy. What? JOY! Well, he’s not going to do that this week. No siree. Between listening to this encouraging audio set and the current Bible study I’m doing right now (don’t you love how God intertwines things together?!?!) I have been reminded that I need to be true & real. Not just to myself but more importantly to God. I also need to be honest with EVERYONE, to include myself, and I need to be content. I know that God has my best everything at heart. He knows what is best and what needs to be done for His greater will.

With being a mom we need to be centered & have a positive attitude about everything! Things happen, life happens. There is a reason for everything, a time for everything. Can you have a thankful heart in the good & the bad times? Absolutely! With God all things are possible. He gives us the tools we need, the friends to lean on, the Bible to encourage us, and many wonderful authors who write their experiences & life stories to help us make the right decisions through our life stories. I think that’s really the key. We have a choice what to do/what not to do.

Take life in stride, make your choices based on God & what’s best for YOUR family. What works for me may not work for you… I pray this may help you, give you ideas, and/or encourage you through the coming years. Blessings!!

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This will be available November 1st at this link

I received a copy of this audio session for my honest review.


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