Managing my Minutes-REVIEW

September 24, 2012 4dputts

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I was just blessed to do another review on a fabulous book! It is being revised and is not out yet, but keep your eyes open for it! One of the things that I love about all of Mrs. Lorrie Flem’s books and articles that I have read is that she has God’s word woven throughout every part. For me that helps me to keep focused on Him and it also references everything straight back to Him with everything she says. This is w order full study for me to reflect on Gods word, to really listen and do what He is telling me to do and to reprioritize my life, church, schooling, everything! How can one mom fit it all in? By starting out with prayer, of course! I’ve read through the book first, and now I’m starting out from scratch with everything. I’ve started making lists of what i need to do and I’m figuring out what is most important. It may take me awhile, but I think at I’ll be one a better wife, mom, teacher, homemaker, etc because of it!

After you make out your lists, cut back on things. Can anyone take over a job? Or at least help out a couple of times a week? Is God calling someone else to one of the jobs you do at church? It really IS a blessing to allow others to serve and to do, just like it’s a blessing for you to do it, when it’s Gods will. God gives us many resources-you just have to utilize them!!

Time is a precious commodity these days. Here are so many things going on! Many of them are important or necessary, but we still need to build good habits and even teach our children these good habits from the beginning, so it’ll be easier on them and help them out throughout their whole lives.

This book gives so many wonderful ideas and help so that you can get your “everything” into order. We just need to devote a few minutes a day to reorganizing things and before you know it you’ll have the perfect home! Blessings to you on this wonderful journey that I hope you are also about to embark on with me!!

Go to the website for this book and many more!! EE Website

I received this product for free to evaluate and read. Everything I have typed is true and totally my opinions, thoughts, and words.


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